About Dr. Kevin

Dr Kevin is passionate about keeping Australia's pets happy and healthy.

Running three busy vet clinics, Kevin understands that our dogs and cats are part of the family. He loves talking to owners about ways to keep their pets beaming and in great shape.

Dr Kevin hosts Pets Practice with Dr Kevin and is series vet for Animal Extra. He’s appeared on The Project, Ten News, Light FM, Herald Sun and Leader Newspapers.

Vets on Parker has been caring for Manningham pets for over 30 years. The team of 5 vets are open 7 days/week and have great ongoing relationships with their clients and their pets. Vets on Parker has a full animal hospital, surgery, digital x-ray, ultrasound, in-house pathology and offers the latest treatments including chemotherapy, stem-cell treatments and in-house operations by specialist surgeons. There is a large cattery and dog-groomer on site.
Vets in Cranbourne is a new veterinary clinic right in the heart of Casey. It’s vision is to provide the best care for the dogs and cats of Casey and to provide pet owners with friendly advice. The clinic now features new digital x-rays and pathology.
North Balwyn Vets was established in 1979 and has grown to be the trusted provider of pet care in Balwyn for animals of all kinds. Recognised for our friendly and professional advice, the vets, vet nurses, cat boarding and grooming staff are all looking forward to being involved in the care of your beloved pet.
Contact Dr. Kevin by making an appointment at Vets on Parker or Vets in Cranbourne.

Or keep in touch with him over social media Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

For all media enquiries please contact Louise D’Arcangelo on 0439 036 123 or Vets on Parker 03 9850 1355.
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