Kids and Pets

Who does not remember their first pet? My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jacko was the best dog ever. He taught me how to care for another individual, he taught me how to love and when he died he taught me the hardest lesson of all – how to say goodbye.

The bond created between a child and their family pet is incredibly special. But how as a parent do we help choose the right pet for our child? When is the right time or age? How do I keep my child safe?Are there any health risks with pet ownership? How do I stop by puppy from biting the kids? When it comes to saying goodbye to their pets (pets they have often know their entire life), how do we help them?

To many of these questions there is no right or wrong answer and different families will approach situations differently. I want you to be fully informed and engaged so you, your family and your pet can enjoy this incredibly special relationship