Looking after your pets this Christmas – Dr Kevin interviewed on Light FM

December 20, 2014

On Grandstanders, Craig and Jane chat to veterinarian Dr Kevin Foster about looking after pets this festive season.

With the weather starting to heat up, Dr Kevin reminds us to be mindful of the heat: heat stress in dogs is pretty common. Especially with “squishy-faced dogs”, it is important to keep canine companions inside in air-conditioning, as outside they get very hot and very sick quickly. Poor pooches.

We all love Christmas feasts… and our doggies are also exposed to heaps of tasty food over the festive season. Dr Kev reminds us that sweet treats aren’t good for dogs, and can actually make them quite sick! Because it’s a fatty meat, ham isn’t too healthy for them either!

As the old saying goes, ‘pets are for life, not just for Christmas!’ Although holidays are a great time to get a pet, because of an abundance of quality time, don’t forget that the commitment continues over into the new year (and beyond), as the new puppy, kitty or other critter becomes a member of the family.

Dr Kev shares his tips on taking dogs on car trips… because nobody like dog vomit! He suggests desensitising your dog to car travel, and taking them for shorter drives to get them used to the motion. Less cleaning and less smell!

Listen to Dr Kev’s chat to hear more of his Christmas pet tips!