Pets in the City

Over a generation our relationships with our pets have shifted massively. Our dogs have gone from sleeping in the dog house, to sleeping inside, on the couch and now in our bed. We are more emotionally attached to them, and them to us.

This can, at times, create problems. As a practicing veterinarian, many pet owners don’t always know what it best for their pet. Except for one thing we all know – we love them!

City life is fun for us, but as a dog or cat it has its challenges.

I can tell you from my side of the exam table, there are many dogs and cats whose behaviour and health are impacted by city life. Destructive behaviour for those pets cooped up all day in an apartment or small courtyard, separation anxiety from being left alone or a cat spraying indoors.

These city environments although not ideal can be enriched and the negative impact on your pets health and behaviour can be addressed with simple strategies owners can implement at home.